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Recycle Your Aroma

You love your oils down to the last drop!!! I do too!! But why throw out those bottles of goodness???

They are always good to the last drop....... Bring them back in for a top up

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How It Works

Once you're finished with your favourite therapeutic aromatherapy items;

BRING US BACK YOUR BOTTLES, and we will refill them for you.  


Benefits of Refilling:

-SAVE 10% on using our recycle service

- feel great about saving the environment

- enjoy your favorite products without having a million bottles

- clinical therapeutic blends created just for your health needs.

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How do I get my bottles to you to refill?

You can happily bring them back at your appointment, or schedule a Follow Up Appointment


Appointment Refill: will be done during the process of your appointment ( before or after) and you will be able to take them on your way with you. 


​Drop off Refill:  Please place your empty bottles in a bag (provided inside the mailbox) on the bag indicate your NAME, and contact information.  DROP OFF WHENEVER IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU.  Turn around time 1-2 Business days, we will contact you when your products are ready to go. 

Mailbox pickup Refill: Once we have notified you your products are available for pickup you can either schedule a time frame for pickup if paying cash/debit/credit OR e-transfer before hand and we will leave them in the mailbox for pickup at your convenience.  

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100% Therapeutic Grade Oils

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